Resources for those on the path of self-discovery

The list below isn’t exhaustive, but every one of these books and movies has inspired me or shaped me in some way. They influenced my own development over the years and served me on the path of self-discovery.
Some I’ve read or seen more than once, others I’ve dipped into or read in chunks.
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This list is not complete or closed, so if you think something is worth adding please email me your suggestions at or use my contact form.

Watch my IG Live with Tamara Gonzalez Perea about inner change, transformation, spiritual growth and personal development!

I talked with Tamara Gonzalez Perea on an IG Live. Tamara is a Soul Coach & Healing Therapist and all-round beautiful soul.

Watch our conversation about inner change, transformation, spiritual growth and personal development! This is a conversation between two conscious women.

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Listen to some of my LIVE guided meditations

Meditation 1: Breath & Body Awareness

Meditation 2: Getting to know the nature of your mind –
hearing, sensing & thinking

Meditation 3: Gratitude Meditation

Books for the path of self-discovery

Some of these I’ve read recently and others years ago, but they all continue to feed my own Mind, Body and Soul. There is a mixure a texts from various fields of personal and professional interests, such as: poetry, mindfulness, psychotherapy, physical health, women’s issues, nutrition, functional medicine, Chinese Medicine, Auyrveda, quantum physics, spirituality, esoteric studies, manifesting, tantra, psychedelics, consciousness studies, Buddism, chakra therapy, Eastern and Western aproaches to psychology, Indian mythology, molecular biology, epigenetics and mental health.

My intention is to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and explore these seemingly unrelated topics. I do hope you find them useful, or at least entertaining.

Happy reading!

Inspiring Movies I Recommend:

Inspiring Articles I Recommend:

Other Teachers That I Trust:

  • Ram Dass
  • Kaypacha
  • Sadhguru
  • Mooji
  • Alan Watts
  • Tara Brach
  • Shakti Malan
  • Sally Kempton

Psychedelic Health Professionals Network:

Here is a link to Psychedelic Health Professionals Network with tonnes of information about the benefits and risks to using psychedelics.

I am a member of this network and along with other health professionals I co-facilitate legal psychedelic experience retreats with Holland. Please click here for more about retreat and how to apply.

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